The Woody Foundation Helps those with Paralysis

Here’s how you can help!

If you have other ideas or ways you’d like to join the movement please reach out!

Testimonials from our volunteers

Volunteering with the Woody Foundation is not only hugely rewarding; it’s also fun, and a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

After helping with the Lionfish Bash I felt like I only gave a fraction of the emotional return I received.

A spinal cord injury could be a drastically life changing experience, and the fact that Woody turned this into something so positive and selfless is truly inspiring. By volunteering I know that my efforts and those of the other volunteers are adding up to help the Woody Foundation reach its goal and help as many people recovering from spinal cord injuries as possible.

I volunteer with the Woody Foundation because its fun and there is never a dull moment at any events. More importantly though, I volunteer because its about helping people with all types of spinal cord injuries. Whatever cause needs the money and time the most, the Foundation manages to help out in the best way possible. And to me that makes it all worth it.

I enjoy helping the Woody Foundation, not only because Woody is my god brother but because there is a whole community out there that can be touched by the Foundation. Working on the social media aspect through Instagram and Facebook is a way to reach a larger audience and one that I can contribute in a great way.