Use your sphere of influence to help us promote #TeamTWF's mission!

Why become an Ambassador?

Becoming a #TeamTWF Ambassador is your opportunity to play a crucial role in advancing The Woody Foundation's mission. By joining our ambassador program, you become a key advocate for individuals living with paralysis, helping us represent the foundation, shaping the decisions and future of the organization. Your commitment to the cause contributes to building a more inclusive and empowered community.

What does being an Ambassador entail?

As a #TeamTWF Ambassador, you use your sphere of influence to promote and support our mission. You become the eyes and ears of #TeamTWF. Through advocacy and ambassadorship, you actively engage with your network, helping us reach and assist individuals who may otherwise go unnoticed. Your efforts contribute to creating positive change.

How long is my commitment?

Your commitment as a #TeamTWF Ambassador is invaluable, and we ask that you commit to at least one year. Whether you dedicate your time regularly or participate in specific campaigns and events, your involvement helps us create a lasting impact.